HZXZ 150*250-2L - B Rotary vibrating screen cleaner / paddy precleaner
                  Suitable for paddy rice and wheat production in the early first cleaning, drying feed cleaning, rice processing workshop assembly line processing cleaning, suitable for all kinds of paddy, various scenarios, various requirements of paddy and wheat cleaning. Widely used in grain, chemical industry, brewing and other industries, the overall strength is high, the output is large, cleaning and grading effect is good, universal joint hanger, durable, with feed leveling device, metal sieve easy to load and unload,bearing maintenance free of disassembly.
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                  It is suitable for large output initial cleaning, drying and feeding cleaning, and assembly line processing cleaning of rice processing workshop before rice and wheat entering warehouse. It is suitable for cleaning all kinds of paddy, all kinds of scenes and all kinds of requirements of wheat. It is widely used in grain, chemical industry, wine making and other industries, with high overall strength, large output, good cleaning and grading effect, universal joint suspender, strong and durable, with feeding homogenizing device, convenient loading and unloading of metal screen drawer, belt can be replaced without disassembly, imported NSK, bearing lubricating grease can be added without disassembly, remote communication interface, frequency converter can adjust the speed, smooth operation, and effectively improve the cleaning effect.


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